Author: Artur Krzywdzinski


Nutanix CALM port diagram

Nutanix CALM (Cloud Automation Life-cycle Management) allows you to seamlessly select, provision, and manage your business applications across your infrastructure for both the private and public clouds. Nutanix Calm provides application lifecycle management, monitoring,...


Set IP address on Nutanix foundation

Nutanix foundation is the ultimate automation tool for every Nutanix deployment. It streamlines deployment of Nutanix AOS, hypervisor, Nutanix cluster creation, and configuration. Nutanix foundation can run on a virtual appliance, every Nutanix cluster...


Nutanix Era port diagram

Nutanix Era is DBaaS offered by Nutanix. Solution helps database administrators with day to day tasks like: Database cloning DB life cycle management DB patching Creating new databases In current version (1.2.1) Nutanix Era...


Work from home not only during COVID-19

We are witnessing a digital transformation. I’m sure it is not the way we like it, but it is happening. More and more enterprises and small businesses are moving to work from home model....

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