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Deploy Windows 2022 on Nutanix AHV

What’s new in Windows 2022 Microsoft released the latest version of its flagship server operating system a few days ago. From the first look at release notes, you can see release was focused on...


What’s new in Nutanix Prism Central 2021.5

A few weeks back Nutanix release Prism Central 2021.05. What is the Prism Central? Prism Central is your central management plane to manage Nutanix clusters. Nutanix Leap, Nutanix Flow, Nutanix Karbon, are among many...


Secure access to homelab from the internet

How securely access homelab from the internet. Security, security, security. Accessing securely resources from outside (internet) on the local network can be challenging and expensive. When we talk about home networks, it is becoming...


Download Nutanix port diagrams

Now you can download Nutanix port diagrams from If you were wondering how do I get all the diagrams from the Nutanix port diagram blog post? Wonder no more :). You can download...

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