Author: Artur Krzywdzinski


vCAC 5.2 series – Installation Part 1

The Web components of vCAC include the Administration Website, Reports Website, and the Model Manager. The Model Manager consists of two installable components: Model Manager Web Service and Model Manager Data. vCAC Web components...


vCAC 5.2 series – Preparation Part2

Preparing and installing Database. Prepare MS SQL database and authorization store You can proceed with SQL DB creation as a separate task – especially when you run MSSQL DB on separate server from other...


vCAC 5.2 series – Requirements

vCloud  Automation Center 5.2 will help you manage and automate deploy physical and virtual workloads as well as manage virual/physical workloads life cycle.  It does support several different hypervisors and management software: VMware vSphere...


Nexenta at homelab

NexentaStore Open Storage appliance is storage system based on Solaris ZFS file system. I decide to change my storage appliance at HomeLab from OpenFiler to NexentaStor Community Edition. On NexentaStor project web page you...

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