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What’s new in Nutanix Prism Central 2021.5

A few weeks back Nutanix release Prism Central 2021.05. What is the Prism Central? Prism Central is your central management plane to manage Nutanix clusters. Nutanix Leap, Nutanix Flow, Nutanix Karbon, are among many...


Customize Nutanix Prism login page

Today, quick Pro Tip post how to customize Nutanix Prism login page.Nutanix Prism login page can be customized, not only by enabling and customizing welcome banner (read my blog post for more details), but...


Nutanix Prism Central scale out

Nutanix introduced Prism Central scale-out architecture in AOS 5.6. PRism Central scale our architecture let customer scale out its Prism Central deployments incrementally, depends on the needs. Single Prism Central instance can support up...

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