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vExperts 2012 from Poland

I’m happy to announce that Polish vExperts group in 2012 has 4 members 🙂 out of 434 total number of vExperts. In alphabetical order: Karol Boguniewicz – LinkedIN Profile Maciej Lelusz – http://blog.inleo.pl –...


In a TOP10 list of most active users

Browsing today morning VMware community forum, accidentally I have found myself on a 4’th place on  TOP 10 list most active members of the VMware community. Hopefully it will lead me to get vExpert...


VMware communities – more than 1000 points

For last couple of weeks I’m quite active on VMware communities, trying to help people to solve their problems with VMware products. Of course not for “free” 🙂 For every correct of helpful answer,...


New website design with new logo

Some time ago decision was made to move from wordpress.com domain to new, professional domain www.vmwaremine.com. So, I bought domain, choose new blog’s theme  and started thinking about LOGO for my blog cause default...

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