Category: Cool Tools


Cool Tools – ssh autoconnect

Very handy and easy to set up tool, is a vSphere client plugin.Plugin allows lunch SSH terminal to ESX(i) server directly from vSphere client. Wondering if author has in plans integrate it with vSphere...


Cool Tools – RVTools 3.4

I mentioned this many times but I will repeat one more time that RVTools is one of my favorite tools. If you don’t have it yet, download it and use it, I’m sure you will...


Cool Tools – RVTools 3.3 released

One of my favorite tools and one of the best free tools for VMware admins, got new  release. RVTools is a superb tools for reporting, viewing inventory and many, many other useful stuff about...


Cool Tools – vOPS Explorer

Few days back Vkernel releases nice tool, vOPS server explorer and it is for free :-0 , I know, it is not usual to get something good and free of charge from vKernel but...

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