Nutanix Move 3.0 available for download


Nutanix Move (formerly know as Nutanix Xtract) 3.0 has been released and it is ready for download. With the new release, Nutanix brings a lot of enhancements and new functionalities.

What’s new in Nutanix Move 3.0

  • Migration support to Nutanix AHV from:
    • migration from VMware vSphere 5.1 or newer
    • migration from Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 or newer
    • migration from Amazon AWS
Nutanix Move supported source environments
  • 1-click upgrades
Nutanix Move 1-click upgrade
  • Nutanix Move is running as an app inside Docker containers
  • Nutanix Move now allows you to perform a PEM based authentication for Linux VMs on ESXi
  • Nutanix Move now provides Granular Notifications of each task of migrations

You cannot upgrade from Xtract for VMs release 2.0.x or earlier to Nutanix Move 3.0. Perform a new deployment of Nutanix Move 3.0
The 1-Click Upgrade method is not supported on a dark site (no Internet) in this release.

Nutanix Move deployment

To deploy Nutanix Move first you have to connect to Nutanix Prism Element (NOTE: Nutanix Move does not support Prism Central)
and later run deploy-vm command with parameters. See below command dump from deployment I done in my lab.

c:\Users\artur\Downloads\move-3.0.0>cli-windows-amd64-3.0.0.exe -c

Welcome to the Nutanix 'Nutanix-Move' version 3.0.0

Connecting to 'AHV cluster'; hostname/IP address
Enter username for AHV cluster : [email protected]
Storing logs in directory C:\Users\artur\AppData\Local\Temp\move
Enter password for user [email protected](11):
Connected to cluster nemo(

To get started, deploy the 'Nutanix-Move' image using the deploy-vm command.
Use Tab to see and navigate around additional command options

Type 'help' and hit enter to get help

Type 'show demo' and hit enter to see a demo of some features, including a deployment demo

nemo » deploy-vm vm-container default-container-71312 vm-network client-network-0-server
Image is already present as a local file ./move-3.0.0.qcow2, nothing to download...
Image Download complete... [OK]
Creating image...
Uploading file ./move-3.0.0.qcow2
[==============================================================================================] 100.00% 43s Total time
VM Deployment completed [OK]
VM Power on completed [OK]
VM 'Nutanix-Move' got IP address: [OK]
'Nutanix-Move' Services started up [OK]
Opening url in your browser...
Connected to cluster nemo(
Current cluster added successfully as a target with name 'nemo' [OK]
Deployed the Nutanix-Move application Virtual Machine... [OK] (Nutanix-Move) »

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Nutanix Move 3.0
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Artur Krzywdzinski

Artur is Consulting Architect at Nutanix. He has been using, designing and deploying VMware based solutions since 2005 and Microsoft since 2012. He specialize in designing and implementing private and hybrid cloud solution based on VMware and Microsoft software stacks, datacenter migrations and transformation, disaster avoidance. Artur holds VMware Certified Design Expert certification (VCDX #077).

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